Author photo of Anel L. Flores


Time Traveling for a Treat of Representation: An Interview with Anel I. Flores

BY Linda R. Vázquez

My existence is political, because it goes against what the conservative right wants for the country, people, and community. Just the pure act of being a queer person and a Chicana author who loves expressing herself through her body and expressing herself through her body is a political act. Putting down these words—because I know that literature is timeless, it spreads—creates history; definitely I’m writing politically.


Narrative Life: A Conversation about Autobiographical Writing with Cheston Knapp

BY Kaitlyn Burd

Ideology for me is a loaded word that comes out of a New Critical language of received ideas that are not often interrogated. So I would hope that the essays work in pushing against ideology in the sense that an essay is irreducible from personal experience. In some ways, the more you are able to focus on one’s personal experience of a thing the more resistant you will be to ideology or reductive thinking of a thing.