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Brady Brickner-Wood was born and raised in New Hampshire. He is currently an MFA candidate at Texas State University.

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This Is Not a Life Hack: Jenny Odell Discusses the Nature of Doing Nothing

BY Brady Brickner-Wood

I think the why of what I’m proposing could not be more opposite to the life hack mentality. I’ve warned people before about my book that not only is it not a self-help book but you might be more confused when you finish it. That’s personally why I would go to a place like Esalen, which I haven’t been to. But I would want to spend that time thinking about my own mortality or how strange it is to be alive or the fact that I don’t even know what “myself” is. These are not things that are going to optimize your productivity.


“Hold Yourself Still”: Jenny Odell Would Now Like Your Attention

BY Brady Brickner-Wood

Yet, refreshingly, How to Do Nothing does not ask its readers to throw their phone out a window or delete their social media accounts or snub their nose at a society that creatively stymies them. Odell writes: “I am less interested in a mass exodus from Facebook and Twitter than I am in a mass movement of attention: what happens when people regain control over their attention and begin to redirect it again, together.”