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Will Pellett (@williampellett) is pursuing his MFA in fiction writing at Texas State University. Born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, he writes with a Midwest pulse in stories of people he knows and loves, or people misrepresented. He’s currently working on a novel, story collection, and comic book series ( Too much of his time is spent making Spotify playlists by day or watching political satire by night.

What he’s looking for: First line, first passage, first page. In my own writing, I strive to compose openings for readers that are irresistible, to give them no choice but to turn the page. This means the appearance of excitement or a taste of the unexpected. This means identifiable character and definite voice. This means certain place and peculiar conflict. This means controlled chaos. The same goes for poetry as it does for fiction and non-fiction, except for an additional caveat: please, avoid mentions of sidewalks, walking, or freshly mowed lawns in your opening stanzas. Lastly, your piece might fall apart in the end, but if the opening ½ or ¾ are irresistible, I might be willing to help you see your vision to publication.

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