Fiction Editor

Kaitlyn Burd is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, but in recent years she has found homes in Ohio, Spain, and central Texas. Her work has appeared in Atticus Review, Map Literary, Clockhouse Review, and elsewhere. When not obsessing over or attempting to finesse language, she enjoys making things with her hands and thinking about horses.

What she’s looking for in fiction submissions: Action that arises out of character, intentional sentences, stories that know why they need to be told (though they by no means need to explain this outright). I especially appreciate humor that doesn’t depend on tired tropes, and I’m a sucker for sentences that glimpse the sublime. More than anything, I love to be surprised by how the marrow of human experience can come at me through some bone-dry pages.

So, whatever fiction you extend, I promise to receive it with gratitude, curiosity, and respect.

Writers she admires: Karen Russell, Paul Beatty, Valeria Luiselli, and Tommy Orange, as well as all the preceding writers that they enter into conversation with — too many for me to name here.

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