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Frank Burch is a teacher and fiction student at Texas State University. His work has appeared in GravelDrunk Monkeys, and the Delta Literary Magazine.

Writers he admires: Jennifer Egan, Karen E. Bender, Tim O’Brien, M.F.K. Fisher, Robert Olen Butler—and I’m a bit of a Shakespeare nerd.

What he’s looking for in Field Notes: The world is confusing. Demystify it for me.

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Author photo of Luis Rodriguez in front of a rock wall.


“A Good Story Haunts You”: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Activism with Luis J. Rodriguez

BY Field Notes Editor

Good stories aren’t just beginning, middle, and ending, and entertaining. That’s fine, those are of value. But a good story haunts you for a while. There’s something in there you want to keep thinking about and maybe go back to that story again. That’s what I think a good writer should do: keep haunting the reader for a while, about what you’re saying, about how or why, so that the reader says, “I can’t just let it go.”