Nonfiction Editor

Ben McCormick (@caseofthebens) is a writer, traveler, and amateur cook from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His prose has appeared in Highlark Magazine, Rind, Green Blotter, and here at Porter House Review. He also wrote/hosted/produced the WWII-era biography podcast Who Is Edward Wallner?. He’s at war with moths and a detente seems unlikely.

What he’s looking for in nonfiction submissions: Voice-driven narratives that refuse to pull their own parachute. Stories in our certainty-driven age should steer into doubt and refuse to flinch. I want writing that’s vivid in its language and its emotions. Give me raw; give me ugly; give me funny; even give me triumphant—just don’t be afraid to fall.

Writers he admires: Charles D’Ambrosio, Patti Smith, and Leslie Jamison. 

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